Luz Lashes are handmade of 100% Siberian premium mink fur - the best of the best when it comes to false lashes. 

As opposed to synthetic and human hair lashes, mink is what makes our lashes amazingly lightweight, long-lasting and natural-looking. 

With proper care, they can be reused up to 30 times, making them the perfect alternative for lash extensions that often cause damage to own lashes.

Based in New York, USA and Finland, Europe, Luz Lashes has maintained its core value of highest possible quality when creating the most luxurious product possible. Whether getting dressed for work on a Monday morning or getting dolled up for a fabulous event on a Friday night, a pair of Luz Lashes is a must to complete every modern woman’s look.

Luz Lashes are cruelty-free; the fur is collected through shedding during the shedding seasons of the mink animal and is sterilized to ensure that it is hypoallergenic. Unlike synthetic lashes, our premium mink lashes are suitable even for sensitive eyes.